How Will General Election ’13 affect the Malaysian Property Market?

Without doubt, the hottest news in Malaysia over the past few weeks has been the upcoming General Election 2013 which is going to be held in early May.

Many people have pondered, how will the GE ’13  affect the Malaysian Economy?

13th general election_1

On top of that, with gold prices dropping to its lowest point in 2 years, many are speculating on, what’s going to happen next for other Malaysian industries?

So… what will happen to the Malaysian Property Market?

Some has said that if a new government is formed, the property market is set for interesting developments. Others feel there will not be a change in government.

Well, whatever happens , here’s what we BELIEVE in:

It really does not matter what is the outcome of the elections… For us, it’s always a good time to invest in properties.. Why?

   By following the Property Fast Track system:
1) We make money Buying the property
2)  Make money holding the property 
3) Make money selling the property again and again without giving the property away
So what does that mean?
By buying below market value at least 20%, even if the property prices dropped by 10%, we still have a safety net of 10%, unlike most investors who buy at market value, or above market value! Isn’t it wonderful to be protected? 🙂 (Note: As an example, back in 2008, properties around KLCC area dropped by 10-15%)
   And how do we make money holding the property and make money selling the property without giving it away? Hmmm…
And so, it is ALWAYS BUSINESS AS USUAL for us! 😉

Do check out to find out how we help empower youths to fast track their property investing journey using a simple, duplicable system . Up to now, we already have 5 members who have bought below market deals, ranging from 15%, 20%, 24%, 26% and 31%! In fact, one of them would potentially close on a deal 19% below market value very soon! Stay tuned ya!


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