Is 2017 a good year to invest?

Put it this way. We will always get negative feedback that it’s never a good time to invest. Better wait until the prices stabilise, or certain factors hopefully come. Etc.. Then suddenly realised that it’s already 1 year later, and property prices

Property Investment Tips from a 1 Year Old

Hi Everyone… It’s been quite some time since the last blog post.. Was, and still busy enjoying life with baby Devrie.. She’s now 1 year old, a lot of fun to be with, and there’s just so much to learn from her

Is it Really Doom and Gloom for 2015?

Does this look familiar? 🙂     As at the time of writing this article, Japan is in recession, EU barely escaped recession, oil prices are plunging, USD is strengthening, and apparently will hit USD/MYR 3.5.. Not to mention the impending GST

Retiring Debt Free or Retiring BAD Debt Free?

Hi.. How are you doing? Hope all is going well with each and every one of you.. 🙂 We at Property Fast Track wants to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir dan batin to all our Muslim friends, and Happy

Are You Too Young or Too Old To Invest in Properties?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, the question above? Perhaps, currently, you are just a fresh graduate working for a few years in your first job.. Or maybe you are in your mid forties or fifties searching for a good investment vehicle

Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day!

Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day!   Have you heard of the saying above before? Perhaps you have heard the statement many times but never really thought much about it. Here’s the question though: How does it relate to property investment? And

Is it Still A Good Time to Invest in Properties?

If you have been keeping track of the local news scene over the past 6 months, what do you notice? Do you feel that the property market has gotten quieter? or perhaps ‘cooling down’? Or that there have been many clamping downs