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Property Fast Track is the First-In-Malaysia system for youth investors between age 25 to 40 to get started in property investment.

We offer simple and effective approaches for great value property investing with positive cashflow.

My partner and I have a combined 13 years property investment experience making money buying properties, making money holding properties and making money selling properties.

Our Property Fast Track program creates an environment where youth property investors can show a great commitment to fast track their financial game plan through value property investing.


Mr. Dexter Lim, Founder of Property Fast Track Sdn Bhd & Investor

Qualifications : B.Sc (Hons) Marine Science in UKM, majoring in Oceanography 2003

Strength : Successful Real Estate Investor

Current job :  Founder of Property Fast Track Sdn. Bhd. & Investor

Director of Property Wealth Magnet Sdn. Bhd.


Biodata : Dexter obtained a degree in marine science, majoring in Oceanography from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2003, and has worked in numerous sales related jobs, and even a 1 year stint in banking.


Dexter read Rich Dad Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki) back in 2006, and he realized that being financially free meant having time to spend with family, and being able to be with the one he love all the time.


With that aspiration, he explored numerous courses and read countless books. It was not until he joined a property investment program taught by Kam that his whole world changed. He and his wife, Natalie spent countless hours doing research and viewing properties; miss out on doo-dad shopping and watching movies, but just viewed and viewed properties, whilst struggling with his Superman small business.


1 year and 2 months after he joined the course, Dexter and Natalie finally bought their first Good Deal in 2008! ! It was 25% below market, rental returns 10%, and in a prime location! With only their last RM2.4k in the savings account; and no idea how and where to get funding and financing for the deal. He believes that “When you find a Good Deal, the money will come”. And now, with 10mil property portfolio under his belt, he is living proof that the Property Fast Track™ system works!










Kam Wei Tsung has been an inspiring icon to Dexter and Natalie back in 2007.

He    started with 0 to 12 properties (2007) and now has over 50 properties both residential & commercial.

Over the last 24 months, he has bought at least one property every month!

His property seminar & system has proven successful, & benefited thousands of people before he retired for 2 years.

He is a humble person, and very passionate in sharing his experience with the youth and helping them to be on the Fast Track to Riches.

And has been buying at least 1 property a month for the past 2 years!

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